General Accounting Services

Book-Keeping (Class Β & C Books and Records)

We undertake computerized book-keeping of class Β & C books and records, for enterprises which do not require the existence of internal accounting

Drafting of tax income statements

Our company undertakes to complete and submit the tax statements of all physical and legal persons as well as individual companies in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Taxation of real estate

Our highly trained staff is able to provide you with advisory services on the exploitation of your real estate and the taxation of income from it. ( transaction tax, value-added tax (VAT), stamp duty).

Drafting of V.A.T. statements

Tax Support will take care to all your VAT compliance requirements including proper recording of transactions, timely completion, filing and payment of VAT returns, Intrastat, Sales listings etc.

Preparation and publishing of balance sheet and consolidated financial statements

We undertake the processing, analysis and publishing of annual balance sheet and consolidated financial statements.

Preparation and processing of tax statements (VIES, INTRASTAT etc.)

We take care of all the necessary bureaucratic procedures and related paperwork (public services).

Tax and Accounting Services for legal entities

  •  Companies ( S.A., Ltd, PC, etc.)

    We undertake all the required procedures to establish every type of company in one stop – shop. Furthermore, we are specialized in establishment procedures as regards companies  located in a non-cooperative State (  articles 65  and 66 of l. 4172/2013)

  • Μunicipal enterprises

    We undertake book – keeping and preparation of financial statements for municipal   enterprises.

we carry through every requisite action. (public services)

Tax and Accounting Services for Individuals

Income Statement
Property Statement
Property rental contracts
Debit Arrangements (to Tax Authorities - Social Insurance Organizations)
Asset declarations for public officials
Calculation of presumptive income

Tax Services

Tax consulting & implementation beneficial provisions

Our many years of experience and  highly trained staff enable us to inform you rigorously about the type of company, that meet the required standards, and undertake all the procedures to establish it.  Moreover, we are able to plan  your tax strategy, keep you informed about any relevant national legislative changes and advise you as regards tax and legal issues that may arise  for your business..  For example, merger, division,  Decree-Law No 1297/72,  Law  No 2166/93, Law 4072/2012 και  Law No 2190/20.

Αppeal to a higher administrative authority

Our cooperation with renowned lawyers enable us to undertake the preparation and submission of administrative appeal ( article 63 Law No 4174/2013).

Intra group dividends

We are able to inform you about intra group transactions ( article 50 Ν 4172/2013 and 21 Ν 4174/2013) and the treatment of dividends ( articles 48 and 63 Ν4172/2013).